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In today's digital world, it's crucial to have an interactive and responsive web design to ensure a better online presence for your brand. Whether you have a website or a mobile application, you must offer a good user experience to grab your customer’s attention. When provided with more ease, customers are likely to stay longer on your website which raises the probability of leads and potential sales.

So, what exactly do we mean by an interactive design? Why is a better user experience significant today and why should you invest in UX UI design?

Let's dig deeper.

UX Design

User experience is the value that the end-user gets while using your product. It all depends on enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure when a user interacts with your product. Our team of designers takes an understanding of your users and their context as a starting point for all design and development. It entails:

  • Vector image for User Research & Analysis

    User Research &

    We conduct competitor analysis, user interviews, web analytics, and initial user testing to understand the goals and needs of your users.

  • A illustration design for Persona and Scenario Creation

    Persona and Scenario Creation

    After research, we analyze our data
    and create fictional profiles of your real users called personas. These then become the basis for different
    scenarios and user- software
    interaction patterns.

  • An image for suer journey Mapping

    User Journey Mapping

    Our designers then combine all various scenarios to come up with a complete user journey map that encompasses all probable points of users’ interaction with the software.

  • A vector image for Wireframing and Prototyping

    Wireframing & Prototyping

    Our team transforms the user journey map into multiple wireframes. We provide you with a prototype to give you a clear idea of a future app or website before you invest in front-end development.

  • An image for testing section


    We conduct usability testing on the
    finished prototype to safeguard UX
    design quality and reduce critical UX errors before front-end development.

UI Design

After creating a comprehensive user journey, our designers work on the actual interfaces with which users interact. The UI design process involves everything from widgets or buttons to other interactive elements like images and sliders, etc. Our team ensures that every visual element, transition, and animation included is enabling a fluid and positive experience for users. Our process involves:

  • illustration design for Wireframing and Prototyping

    Mood Boards

    Our team will create a UI mood board to determine and display the look and feel of your project. This involves organizing existing screenshots, videos, text, and links to communicate the general design direction to all stakeholders.

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    Icons & Typography

    We decide on what fonts, and icons to incorporate into your user interface. Our goal is to ensure that all text is easy to read and that icons are quickly recognized.

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    Layouts & Design System

    Next we create a layout to improve user experience, navigation, and design hierarchy. A design system is a collection of reusable components for your project with a guide on why and how to use them.

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    Visual Design

    This is where the aesthetics of the application comes in. Our designers strategically work with images, colors, fonts, and other elements to enhance content by engaging users and helping to build trust and interest in your application.

Product Innovation and SaaS Design

Our design team comprises strategic thinkers, problem-solvers, and innovators who continue to leave a mark on the world of digital experiences. This allows us to offer fast-paced proof of concepts to large-scale design thinking-based service and product design programs to maximize the return on your investment.

Our services help you succeed in your business goals and exceed expectations through collaboration and co-creation. We adapt to your project needs and our iterative workflow facilitates regular feedback from our clients and users and enables us to respond quickly to changes.

Learn more about how we collaborate with our software development partners here.

Our Design lifecycle & Product Evolution

Our human-centered approach to design allows us to empathize with our customers and their users. We identify pain points and provide solutions that enhance the user experience offered by your brand or product.

We provide our clientele with complete blueprints of the digital experiences we design. These product blueprints cover
the full specifications of the design and allow us to draw a clearer picture of the user experience and interaction thereby resulting in a smooth development process.

Have a look at some of our successful collaborations with our clients, explore our case studies.

Visual and Interaction Design Tools

Our team is expert at employing these proven design tools to deliver success to your doorstep.

Picture of best tools of UX/UI designers and animators

What Do Our Designers Bring To The Table?

Quality Assurance

Our designers ensure a high-quality digital experience thanks to their grasp of best practices and emerging trends in user experience design and user interface technology. We employ UX research methodologies to analyze user behavior and conduct tests to spot any issues in the product.

Empathy & Human-Centric Approach

Our team always works with human behavior in mind and puts themselves in the users’ shoes to understand their expectations from the product. We balance usability with aesthetics to create interfaces that all users will enjoy.

Collaboration &Communication

At Integriti, our designers collaborate with clients to ensure the creation and delivery of tailored experiences for the digital user. While handing off the designs to developers, we ensure effective communication of the intended function of each element designed.

Design &Tech expertise

From color theory to the Gestalt Principle, our designers have a complete grasp of fundamental theories, approaches, and practices of UI UX design which provides there were a deep insight into how users perceive and interpret your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn more about how we collaborate with our software development partners here.

Why Should You Invest In Good User Experience?

An interactive design will ensure that customers engage with different web elements leading to a better user experience and ultimately user retention rate.

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Increased Customer

Forrester research shows that a well-conceived UX design can raise customer conversion rates to 400%. The more you invest in UX/UI, the more you will see in revenue.

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Enhanced Sales

Offering a valuable user experience with your UI/UX design builds brand identity and credibility. As you establish positive customer relationships, your brand will acquire more loyalty.

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More Brand Loyalty

User experience is now one of the critical factors of Google's ranking algorithm. Investing in UX/UI design and development gives you higher rankings than your competitors.

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Higher Search Engine Rankings

Investing in UX/UI helps businesses save on development time, effort and costs. Iterations and changes are much easier and more economical as well.

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Reduced Development Time

UI/UX design ensures seamless browsing experiences on all devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Creating mobile-friendly designs opens up a broader audience base, increasing your overall bottom line.

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Optimal Experience Across Devices

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