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The success of a product relies heavily on the user experience it offers. Businesses want to ensure customer satisfaction by enhancing accessibility, usability, and pleasure when a user interacts with your product. Front-end development allows them to achieve that.

Front-end development entails building elements of an application that can be directly accessed by users with the goal of making the whole interface elegant, fast, easy to use, and secure, promoting user engagement and interaction. As a growing number of users access applications from mobile devices with varying screen sizes and interaction options, developers must guarantee their application provides a consistent and high-quality user experience across all devices and usage scenarios.

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Our Front-end Development Services

Responsive Web

Ensure consistent rendering of webpages on various devices, screens, and windows of different shapes and sizes through techniques like flexible grids, breakpoints, responsive media queries, etc.

Custom Front-end Development

We design, create, deploy and maintain custom software with specific use and functionality in mind which helps you improve productivity, efficiency, and consumer relations.

Single Page App Development

SPAs display updated content by loading a single document with a JavaScript API. These provide higher performance and a dynamic user experience as visitors do not need to load new web pages from the server.

Site Performance and Speed Optimization

Our development team tests your website speed and performance and helps you improve conversions, usability, and visibility thereby safeguarding the success of your projects.

Design (PSD, Figma) To Code Conversion

We ensure effective design handoff by facilitating effective communication between designers and developers from the ideation phase to avoid any misconceptions about the design vision.

CMS (Shopify) Theme Development

We use the latest Shopify 2.0 OS to develop Shopify themes. Pixel-perfect, seamless, and intriguing custom Shopify theme development to help your eCommerce store stand out from the competition

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Our Development Process To Ensure Quality Software Delivery

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Vector image for second step Design in software development process.


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QA Testing

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How We Meet Our Client Standards

We constantly push the envelope of software engineering and offer our esteemed clients an enriching front-end app development experience with definite ROI. Our team follows set industry standards and best practices to deliver the right product to you.

Our development process is transparent thanks to the frequent updates and demos we share with our clients.

We ensure a consistent user-centric design across all devices to deliver a positive user experience to end users.

Our developers always write codes in excellent syntax and guarantee efficiency, sustainability, and scalability.

Integriti employs the latest web development frameworks to build a scalable and high-quality front end.

website design mock-up

Web Design

We understand the requirements for a web application and develop mock-ups accordingly. Our aim is to ensure that every element is positioned in a way that is pleasing to the user, discoverable, and integrates perfectly with other components.

Group of three web programming languages HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3

Front-end Development

After the web designs for your project are finalized, we use HTML, CSS, and JS to convert these designs into a functional platform that can be clicked and loaded in the app or as a web page.

Frontend Technologies We Use

Logo image of angular programming language


Created by Google, Angular’s full-featured approach offers tools for handling various developer use cases when building modern web applications on the front end. This framework is ideal for large enterprises looking to create a robust system to support their in-house operations or a forward-facing progressive web application.

Logo image of React.js library


React JS is a JS library created by Facebook which allows us to create highly interactive web apps for your business with advanced dynamic features. It is our top front-end app development choice for client projects with complicated user journeys. So, if you are looking to build a user-friendly application that will is interactive, streamlined, and able to support applications of varying complexity, then React is a good choice for you.

logo image of Vue.js framework


Vue is lightweight and versatile. This means the framework can be useful for a performance boost or targeted feature update. If your business is looking to improve the user experience or technology of an outdated application, then Vue can deliver startling results. We also use this framework when our clients want to start small but still want the potential to go big in the future.

Logo image of Bootstrap framework


Bootstrap is the most favoured CSS, HTML, and JavaScript framework for developing mobile-friendly and responsive websites. The framework offers certain CSS and HTML-based design templates for forms, tables, typography, buttons, modals, navigation, & image carousels. If you are looking out for responsiveness and rapid development, then Bootstrap is a suitable option.

logo image of Tailwind.css


Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that is useful in speeding up the development process by producing less code. There is no need to worry about creating your design systems as it comes equipped with a design system that supports consistency across different design requirements such as padding, spacing, etc.

logo image of HTML5 and CSS3


When it comes to building web pages, HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two languages that play critical roles. HTML is the language for describing the structure of web pages while CSS is for the presentation of web pages, including colors, layout, and fonts.

logo image of TypeScript


Developed by Microsoft, TypeScript is open-source programming that is a superset of JavaScript. The language comes with a key feature of “type system” which ensures software development efficiency as it’s easier to find obvious yet frequently occurring errors early on. It is more time efficient as code management is easier and External libraries also work great with this programming language.

Logo image of Sass


Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets or Sass is a CSS pre-processor that overcomes the holes in CSS as a language and enable us to write DRY code that’ll be easier to maintain. As it is an extension of CSS, Sass is more powerful, stable, and easy to use making the development process more quick and more efficient.

Why should you hire Integriti for front-end development?

Our expert team of front-end developers understands your business and project goals and is committed to working around constraints to deliver you a valuable product.

User-centric features for your applications.

Consistency through reusable components & DRY rule.

Feasible UX/UI designs.

Effective website or application responsiveness.

Collaborative approach to development.

Backend development team and integrating UI with APIs

Quality assurance and performance testing

Industry standards and best practices are guaranteed.

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