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Social Media Marketing by Magnetic Marketing comprises multifaceted processes that help businesses achieve a single or set of goals. The targets may vary from increasing website traffic to increasing platform engagement and improving sales by social media marketing service. 

Don't know what to post or not to post on Instagram and Facebook? Here's your answer!

What does Social Media Marketing Service entail?

The services that we cover under the SMM umbrella include the following: 

Icon of Planning a content Strategy

Planning a
Content Strategy

Icon of Developing
Relevant Content

Relevant Content

Creating a
Content Calendar

Creating a
Content Calendar

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Content Posting

Content Posting

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Performance Reports

Magnetic Marketing offers its services for Facebook and Instagram. 

How can SMM by Magnetic Marketing help your business?

We collaborate at every step of your buyer's social journey to create solutions for engagement, traffic and lead generation. Our purpose is to spread your message far and wide with powerful content, aesthetically pleasing digital assets and sales-driven copywriting.

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    Strategy Development  

    Whether you need a social media marketing strategy built from scratch or improve one already in place, after having an in-depth social media content analysis we determine the ideal approach to target your audience. We push relevant, creative and engaging content on the right platform for optimum goal achievement.  

    Our social media marketing service allows you to sit back and relax while we do the grunt work.

    From the first consultation to when we hand in your monthly performance report, each step will be custom-tailored according to your business and goals.

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    Campaign Management

    After researching, collecting and analyzing data we embark on the journey of pertinent content creation. Team Magnetic knows who your target audience is and what trends to employ for maximum engagement and ROI. 

    Statistics also show that consistent posting boosts engagement by up to 50% which Magnetic Marketing takes care of.

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    Original Content

    With expert marketers, researchers and storytellers under our belt, you can rest assured that the content that we produce will be original, creative and growth driven. To optimise ROI, we make use of humanised content that resonates with your target audience and results in lead fruition.

What does our Social Media Marketing process look like?

Icon of Discovery and Consultation

Discovery and Consultation

This would be the very first step in our collaboration where we listen keenly to what your pain points, goals and requirements are. Yes, our consultations are free.

By probing for information, we will identify shortfalls in your current social media strategy or understand how you’d like to establish your digital presence from scratch. The information will help us lay the groundwork for building your virtual presence.

Icon of Social Media Marketing Process step 4: Content Development

Strategy Development

Strategy development pertains to identifying your target audience, and determining which social channels and type of content would work best for each of your goals. 

We will present you with a comprehensive plan with various touchpoints that help us meet the targets.

Icon of Content Calendar

Content Calendar

To put things in perspective, we will charter a course for content production. The content calendar will be your window into seeing what's being posted at what time and where. 

You can, of course, consult and add your ideas but, we suggest letting our marketers do the heavy lifting.

Icon of Social Media Marketing Process step 4: Content Development

Content Development 

You might have heard of the phrase, “content is king” and this is where it rings true. The content finalised while making the calendar will be brought to life at this stage.

Based on your business, industry and the latest marketing trends we will create original, informative and engaging content.

Icon of content Management

Content Management

Once the content is made, the next step would be timely posting and ensuring everything is going out at the right time at the right platform and reaching the right people.

Icon of Social Media Marketing Process step 1: Monitoring


To showcase the improvements that our efforts have made, we will present you with a monthly performance report. While we're keeping on it regularly, a month is sufficient for us to gauge how the strategy is performing and its reflection on your ROI.

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