Bridge Timezones with Agile Software Engineering

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Benefits of Software Outsourcing

Cultural Compatibility

Leverage the similar cultures and languages to reduce communication barriers and enhance collaboration.

Time Zone Advantage

Aligned time zones facilitate real-time collaboration, fostering agility and efficiency in project management.

Expert Knowledge

Secure top-tier talent from around the world, guaranteeing precision and excellence in executing your projects.

Agile Engagement Models for
High-Quality Software Delivery

Augmented Teams

Collaborate with skilled professionals to strengthen your projects, increasing efficiency and performance.
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Dedicated Teams

Get the most out of dedicated teams by leveraging geographical proximity for efficient communication.
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Scale Your Projects with Augmented Teams

Highly skilled resources are augmented into your in-house development team to help increase the velocity, quality, and frequency of your software delivery.

How We Find the
Right Talent for Your Needs?

Clients share skill

Users can quickly access and navigate through your store.

Review profiles and/or
conduct interviews

Ensure a seamless buyer journey with a faster load time.

Finalise resource & sign agreement

Keep up with the latest search engine algorithms.


Users can complete the sales without having to switch devices.

Iterations & Delivery

Optimal user experience retains customers and increases sales.

Release your product

Users can quickly access and navigate through your store.

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Proven Process, Real-time Collaboration.

Technologies We Work with


Get to know more about Integriti's nearshore software development services in this detailed list of FAQs.

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What is offshore software engineering?

Offshore software engineering involves outsourcing to geographically close countries, often sharing the same time zone. It offers cost savings, streamlined communication, cultural alignment, and high-quality development.

Will my company benefit from outsourcing software engineering?

Outsourcing software engineering can be a great option for businesses that are looking for a cost-effective, high-quality ways to develop software. It also offers the advantage of the same time zones, which can facilitate a seamless collaboration process.

Should I hire an augmented team or a dedicated team for software engineering?

The best hiring model for your business depends on your needs. It is better to work with a dedicated team for a long-term project with complex requirements; for short-term projects with simple requirements, an augmented team is more fitting.

How does agile approach benefit software engineering success?

Agile teams deliver working software frequently, adapt to change quickly, and involve customers throughout the process. This ensures that the product meets users' needs and is delivered on time and within budget.

How can Integriti help with our software engineering needs?

Integriti follows agile methodology for software engineering which can help you achieve consistent sprint velocities, competitive cycle times, and accurate flow efficiency through a collaborative approach.


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