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The Team

We value integrity and excellence in all that we do. Characterized by a flexible and transparent work culture, our team is unified by a set of common values to lead collaborative environment that drives progress. Let’s hear what the faces of our organization have to say about this.

The Image of Kamran Azam | He is a CEO of Integriti Group Inc.

Kamran Azam

Partner & CEO

Integriti was founded to drive high-performance, equitable and inclusive culture. I ensure that we live our founding principles and values in all our internal and external interactions.

Image of partner and CTO of Integriti Group Inc.

Omer Husain

Partner & CTO

Integriti is all about helping our employees grow. Our employees help our customers grow. 

A picture of Rauf Afzaal, He is a scrum master in dedicated team.

Rauf Afzaal

Scrum Master, Dedicated Team

Working with Integriti for over a year has been an amazing journey managing a talented team for a Fortune 500 client. As an Agile practitioner, I am eager to introduce seamless and cutting-edge technology to ensure product/project delivery. I strive to provide timely, cost-effective, and high-quality technology services to my clients, and this is what motivates me every day. 

Image of Ahmer Awan | He is an account manager in Staff augmentation

Ahmer Awan

Account Manager, Staff Augmentation

My experience as a recruitment professional in Software Development has allowed me to manage top consulting & healthcare accounts for Fortune 500 companies. My skills have enabled me to lead our North American technical recruitment team. Every day, I enjoy being at the forefront of managing our key accounts, ensuring growth, efficiency, and success at both ends.

Image of Laeequa Ahmad | She's a team lead in Digital Marketing

Laeequa Ahmad

Team Lead, Digital Marketing

With over multiple years of experience in Marketing, Sales, and PR, I am seasoned as the ‘marketing maestro’ with a dream to do new, impactful, and ground-breaking every day. This has got me particularly enthusiastic about learning latest marketing models, assets, tools, and metrics that I get to apply to work every day.

Picture of Asma Nasir, she is a team lead in corporate services.

Asma Nasir

Team Lead, Corporate Services

I am a problem solver and work on strategies that are effective for the business. I enjoy working with my team and on my own to quickly solve a problem that can help our company and our partners become more efficient. My background has enabled me to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes within the company.

The image of Hira Butt | Hira Butt is working in corporate services and she's a people excellence manager.

Hira Butt

Corporate Services & People Excellence Manager

With over 7 years of experience in the Human Resources field, I am well-versed to make big-picture decisions for the business and create HR strategies that impact the bottom line. I have developed a broader set of skills, including organizational design, lean management, business administration, and a deep understanding of HR operating models.

A picture of Business Developer Sidra Naseer at Integriti Group Inc.

Sidra Naseer

Business Development Manager

My passion is creating successful business partnerships around the world. Using my core skills of communication, networking, business intelligence, and project management, I enable our partners in obtaining the best solutions and services for their software development and digital presence, allowing them to realise their full business potential.